WOD: 9-18-12

Another unsung hero

Strength:  20 mins to find 1RM Power Snatch

WOD: 10 rounds for time of:

3 Power Snatches (135/95)
2 Handstand Push Up


Since I know you were good yesterday, I would like you to go ahead and pull that bookmarked page from the other day.  It said something about how to be better at certain things that you will do today / the meaning of life.  I don’t remember.  As far as the workout goes, you will do enough reps to complete the girl workout “Isabel”.  Luckily this workout is also riddled with Handstand Push Ups (it is actually unlucky because in case you were wondering, the HSPU will make the Power Snatches much harder).  The only advantage to this workout is the small rep scheme.  Being able to switch exercises before you tire out will ensure that you can go fast the entire time (which in case you were wondering will make everything harder) and that you can tackle a great portion of the workout before fatigue starts to set in.  The only thing is that somehow, someway, you will have to learn to keep track of ten rounds worth of work.  Whatever method you select, make sure that there are still ten rounds being performed.

Something super clever that ties everything up,



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